To develop the Temper Stretch™ CTL Line, The Material Works Ltd. (TMW) synthesized the best ideas from its Processing and Technology Divisions.

Processing Division

TMW has been toll processing flat rolled metals for 25 years, using the industry’s leading coil processing equipment. That experience provides insight into how to improve equipment to make it safer, easier and quicker to set up, more accurate, faster . . . in other words, more productive.

We came up with the idea for the Temper Stretch CTL Line as we listened to fellow processors and customers struggle with the decision of whether to invest in a traditional stretcher leveler CTL line or traditional temper mill CTL line. They would study the pros and cons of each traditional approach and always found the tradeoffs to be unsatisfactory. We thought a new approach might eliminate those tradeoffs completely, and we turned the idea over to our Technology Division to determine feasibility.

Technology Division

TMW’s Technology Division was created to evaluate, develop, test and eventually launch the best of the ‘better ideas’ from the Processing Division. Their process and equipment experts design experiments, gather data, evaluate results and think ‘out of the box’ to solve challenging problems. And they don’t give up easily. Their most notable achievement has been the breakthrough development of environmentally-friendly Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) technology which replaces expensive, hazardous acid pickling of flat rolled steel.

The Technology Division studied the stretcher leveler CTL vs. temper mill CTL dilemma to determine how to combine the best of both approaches without sacrificing performance or incurring unnecessary complexity or cost. Their result – the Temper Stretch CTL Line –  achieves that goal.

Steel Technologies Mexico 4 Cell EPS Line

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