The standard TSC line features ‘best of the best’ equipment from two world class machinery builders. The 4-high compact temper mill is supplied by Tenova I2S, the recognized leader in cold rolling mill technology. With a smaller housing and mill proper components optimized for TSC applications, this compact Temper Mill helps make the standard TSC line very affordable compared to traditional temper pass cut-to-length lines. Also, the TSC compact Temper Mill requires just one set of work rolls to cover the intended product range. The accompanying graphic illustrates the size difference between the TSC compact Temper Mill and a 4-high Temper Mill that is more typical of temper pass cut-to-length lines.

“TSC is the answer to market demands for an In-Line Temper Mill optimally designed to meet the client’s product requirements.”

– Frank Byus, General Manager of Tenova I2S

TSC compact mini temper mill

Note: This illustration does not portray the actual Tenova I2S temper mill design, which is proprietary. It is intended to show only the relative sizes of machines.

Now quoting TSC production line

The coil staging/loading, uncoiler, peeler and threading system, straightener, Stretcher Leveler, shear, stacker and conveyors are supplied by Red Bud Industries (RBI). Line controls and integration services are also supplied by RBI, the recognized leader in Stretcher Leveler technology, having installed more Stretcher Leveler Cut-to-Length lines than all of its competitors combined.

“For years, temper passing and stretcher leveling have each been recognized for their unique capabilities and the benefits they provide. By combining both processes into a single line, it is the best of both worlds, with each complementing the other.”

– Dean Linders, VP of Sales & Marketing, RBI

This standard TSC line configuration covers material from 1.52 to 12.7 mm (0.060” to 0.50”) thick and up to 1828 mm (72”) wide. Material can be temper passed up to 4.6 mm (0.180”). Coils up to 80,000 lbs. and 84” OD can be accommodated and sheet lengths from 15” to 40 feet can be produced.

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